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CML Microcircuits
Oval Park
T: 01621 875500
W: Supplier of Digital & Mixed-signal Semiconductors

  • 1: CMX983 Analogue Front End (AFE) IC
  • 2: CMX983 Analogue Front End (AFE) IC

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CMX983 Analogue Front End (AFE) IC

Here at CML Microcircuits we specialise in the design, development &supply of digital & mixed-signal semiconductors for telecommunications Industry.

One of the products we offer our customers includes CMX983 Analogue Front End (AFE) IC.

Our CMX983 Analogue Front End (AFE) IC was designed to meet the needs of a Software Designed Radio.

Key Features include:

Rx channel:  
Two 16-bit Σ-Δ A/D Converters
Programmable Channel Filter
Tx Channel:
Two 14-bit Σ-Δ D/A Converters
Programmable Channel Filter
RF Support:
Two 2.1GHz Fractional-N Synthesisers
Auxiliary Functions:
10-bit A/D Converter supporting (8-inputs)
Five Analogue Comparators
Nine 10-bit D/A Converters
DSP Interface:
BUS Control and Configuration Port
Fast Serial Interface for Rx/Tx Data
Duplex and Half duplex operation
Direct connection to:
CMX998 Cartesian Loop Transmitter
CMX994 Direct Conversion Receiver
Low power operation:
3.3V and 1.8v supplies
Small 64-lead VQFN Package
& more.
For more information on our CMX983 Analogue Front End IC please visit our website where we have a downloadable Pdf Datasheet & a Product Overview.

Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: CMX983 Analogue Front End (AFE) IC

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