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Adwin Spring Co. Ltd.
T: 0121 557 1473
F: 0121 557 9670
W: Prototype Metal Parts

Adwin Spring Co. Ltd. Profile

Here at Adwin Spring we specialise in prototypes and in short run production to get your project moving.

We have an enviable reputation for producing accurate prototypes in both wire and flat materials to very tight deadlines.

We not only specialise in prototypes but can handle volumes especially on wire springs thanks to our investment in some of the fastest coiling machines in the world.

Adwin Spring Co. Ltd. is a member of the UK Spring Manufacturers Association (UKSMA) and the Institute of Spring Technology (IST).

Here at Adwin Spring we are dedicated to bringing in the latest in CNC machinery. We have an ever growing collection of the most up to date machines in their respective classes.

We are able to manufacture from a wide range of materials a wide variety of:

Flat springs
Electronic Components

We offer a wide range of wire springs, this includes:

Die springs

As well as wire forms.

Whether it is to your sizes, sketch or drawing or you want us to design your spring for you we can make it.

From the smallest to the largest, we are able to cope with your demand.

We have an extremely diverse client base which includes some of the largest companies in the world who use us for their prototyping and development projects.

We have no minimum charges and we cost each project and quote firm prices.

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