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Atex Equipment
Westmead House
Westmead Road
GU14 7LP
T: 01252 510550
W: Atex Equipment

Atex Equipment Profile

Atex Equipment was established in 1999 to supply Ex rated explosion proof lighting and electrical equipment used in many industrial locations. The company was named Atex Equipment to clearly identifiy with the range of products sold which would be certfied in accordance with the Euorpean Union Directive 94/9/EC (also known as ATEX 95 or 'the ATEX Equipment Directive).  

Atex Equipment design, supply and install Raychem heat tracing, supply ATEX certified intrinsically safe computing and handeheld instruments, Ex explosion proof equipment used within hazardous area locations zone 1 and zone 2

Atex trace heating for hazardous area, lights, junction boxes, isolators, plugs, sockets, pushbuttons, emergency lighting, control panels and switchgear for use in zone 1 and zone 2 industrial locations. As an approved partner distributor by Pentair Thermal Management for their Raychem and Digitrace self regulating trace heating cables, constant wattage trace heating cables and series resistance trace heating products we authorised to design and install trace heating systems. We also supply ECOM intrinsically safe hand held equipment, ATEX mobile phones, ATEX calibration equipment, ATEX torches, Exe and Exd explosion proof flameroof lights, lighting and ATEX hazardous area rated products

Atex Equipment - 'protecting people, equipment and critcal processess'

Our extensive range of ATEX certified explosion proof hazardous area products include;

LED lights - linear, floodlight and bulkhead luminiares

Isolators and safety switches

Junction boxes and terminal enclosures

Control stations

Plugs and sockets
Computer and handheld devices certfied EEx i

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