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Drayton Tank & Accessories Ltd
19 Chauntry Avenue
South Yorkshire
S36 6EE
T: 0871 288 4213
F: 0871 288 4214
W: Drayton Tank & Accessories Ltd

Drayton Tank & Accessories Ltd Profile

Drayton Tank & Accessories is situated in The Midlands and in South Yorkshire supplying storage tanks throughout the whole of the UK.

With over 10 years experience we supply water tanks complying to both British and European Standards and regulations and also approved by the water industry (WRAS approved) for potable drinking water storage, also Category 5 backflow prevention with our Type ab airgaps (previously type a airgap) and also hot water, waste and chemical storage requirements for commercial and industrial applications.

We offer a wide selection of tanks for a multitude of applications including:

Byelaw 30 Water Tanks
Type AB Airgap Water Tanks
Break Tanks
Balance Tanks
F&E & Hot Water Tanks
Potable Water Tanks
Waste & Chemical Tanks
One Piece Tanks
Two Piece Tanks
Sectional Water Tanks
Open Top Tanks
Plastic Water Tanks
Flood Backwater Defense
Plastic Pipe

GRP Housings, Kiosks and Enclosures are also available in one piece and sectional type to specific customer sizes and colours with many optional extras.

Older tanks that are corroded, leaking or just not up to the current water regulations and that could be costly to remove and replace with a new tank can in most instances be refurbishment with our tank lining system that coats the internal surface with an approved material and prolongs the life of the vessel by many years.

Drayton Tank & Accessories products are WRAS Approved and is also an ISO 9002 Quality Assured Certified Company.

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