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Fortress Technology
7 Beaumont Road

OX16 1RH
T: 01295 256266
F: 01295 255987
W: Fortress Technology

Fortress Technology Profile

Here at Fortress Technology, we specialise in high quality and highly sensitive metal detection equipment. We believe in three standards: simple operation, outstanding reliability and exceptional performance.
With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we can boast superior product design and engineering, leading to the development of equipment with some of the best sensitivities in the market. In addition, our ‘Never Obsolete Commitment’ ensures that our technology can be quickly and economically be installed in older detectors, ensuring that you stay up to date without having to outlay on new equipment every time there is a policy change.
Our product range includes:
Interceptor Metal Detector
Stealth Metal Detector
Stealth Large Bag
Vector Conveyor Systems
Stealth Gravity
Stealth Pipeline
Stealth Pharmaceutical
Stealth Vertex
Stealth Laboratory
Stealth Lumber
Stealth Web
Stealth Vent Tube
Stealth In-Foil
Stealth Modular Surface
Halo Automatic Testing System
Test Samples
Contact Communication Software
Phantom Metal Detector
Phantom Large Bag
Phantom Gravity
Phantom Pipeline
Phantom Pharmaceutical
Phantom Vertex
Phantom Laboratory
Phantom Lumber
Phantom Web
Phantom Vent Tube
Phantom In-Foil
The industries we supply to include:
Consumer Goods
Head to our website to find out more about the applications for our detectors, as well as information about our suppliers. You will also find a page dedicated to our news and events and contact details.
To discuss your needs and options, please call a member of our team today.
Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

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