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Igus UK Ltd
National Headquarters
Caswell Road
T: 01604 677240
F: 01604 677242
W: Manufacturer Of Reinforced Plastic And Polymer Bearings.

Igus UK Ltd Profile

Here at Igus Ltd we specialise in manufacturing reinforced plastic and injection moulded polymer bearings. Over the time we have established our company and now we employ over 2150 employees in more in 69 countries.

Our product ranges include:

the-chain Energy Supply Systems
Ball Bearings xiros
Bar Stock iglidur
Industrial Software
Linear Bearings
Special parts Speedigus
Low Cost Automation

Here at Igus we believe in:

A lower cost and a high service
Maintenance-free plastic
Caring for the environment
High quality products

For our full range of products/services and further information, please visit our website.

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