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Integrated Laboratory Services Ltd
Unit 2 (The Ivy), New York Mills
Thomas Gill Road, Summerbridge
North Yorkshire
T: 01423 781101
F: 01423 781698
W: Fume Cupboard & Extraction System Manufacturers

Integrated Laboratory Services Ltd Profile

Here at Integrated Laboratory Services Ltd based in the heart of the Dales, we design, manufacture and install a comprehensive range of fume cupboards and ventilated products.

Our product range includes:

Industrial Fume Cupboards
Educational Fume Cupboards
Fume Hoods & Enclosures
Fume Cupboard Extraction
Fume Extraction Arms
Inspections & Servicing
Fume Cupboard Storage Solutions
Energy Saving Fume Cupboards
Fume Cupboard Testing
Laminar Flow Cabinets
Down Draft Benches
Laboratory Tables

Usual applications for our products includes:

Major universities
Secondary schools
NHS trusts
Research laboratories
Automotive industries
Pharmaceutical companies

Our technical staff can advise on product choice, design and installation.

We also supply products to countries throughout the world and offer a full packing, export and freight service.

Client testimonials are available from our website.

Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements.

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