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Baldwin Boxall Communications Limited
Wealden Industrial Estate
Farningham Rd
East Sussex
T: 01892 664422
F: 01892 663146
W: Baldwin Boxall Communications Limited

  • 1: Omnicare Emergency Voice Communication System
  • 2: Omnicare Emergency Voice Communication System
  • 3: Omnicare Emergency Voice Communication System
  • 4: Omnicare Emergency Voice Communication System

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Omnicare Emergency Voice Communication System

Part no: Omnicare EVC System

At Baldwin Boxall, we're focused on offering a wide range of superior audio safety systems. One of our products is our own Omnicare Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) System. Omnicare is one of our longest established systems. Its options include disabled refuge, fire telephones, steward telephones and toilet alarm. The first system of its kind, the Omnicare system has been installed worldwide. 
Key Features include: 
Full system monitoring 
Battery-backed for use in the event of mains power failure (24 hours in standby plus three hours use, as standard. These times can be increased if required) 
One master and multiple slave panels can be linked to one system 
Control panel options from 4-way through to 127-way 
Remote units are connected to the control panel in a loop configuration- 
Fully compliant to BS5839-9:2011 
Assists companies with compliance to BS9999:2008 
Addressable system via the remote units 
Link to the fire detection system prevents hoax disabled refuge calls (toilet alarms, fire and steward telephones remain active). Can be completely or partly overridden 
Speech steered (disabled refuge remotes) and full duplex speech (fire telephones and steward telephones) 
Any combination of the following outstations can be installed on a single system:

Disabled refuge remotes (Type B outstations)
Firefighter telephones (Type A outstations)
Emergency (steward) telephones (Type A outstations)
Combined disabled refuge and fire telephone
Disabled toilet alarms.

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