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Jaeggi Hybridtechnology Ltd.
5 The Hollies
CV23 0DD
T: 01788 869 000
W: Jaeggi Hybridtechnology Ltd.

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HTK Hybrid Drycooler

Welcome to Jaeggi Hybridtechnology Ltd., experts in hybrid recooling.

Here at Jaeggi, we specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of advanced cooling equipment. One of our products is the HTK Hybrid Drycooler.

The HTK Hybrid Drycooler has multiple advantages in comparison to an air tower, including a 52% saving in yearly operating costs and a 90% saving in yearly water costs. These huge monetary benefits outweigh the higher initial costs, as within a short space of time the operating and water savings are greater than the initial investment. Jaeggi's fantastic customer care ensures that these savings continue for years to come.

Some of the accessories on the HTK Hybrid Drycooler include:

Manual or automatic winter curtains, to minimise the introduction of contamination when the equipment is unused for long periods and to minimise the emergency heating capacity for non-frost-free units

Insulated headers, to minimise the thermal capacity of non-frost-free units

Draining design, for use when circuits are to be drained in case of emergency (plant downtime, danger of freezing...)

Frost protection heating, for cooling circuits which do not have an anti-freeze/glycol filling and need to be heated in case of emergency

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