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Jaeggi Hybridtechnology Ltd.
5 The Hollies
CV23 0DD
T: 01788 869 000
W: Jaeggi Hybridtechnology Ltd.

  • 1: HTV Hybrid High Performance Condensor
  • 2: HTV Hybrid High Performance Condensor

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HTV Hybrid High Performance Condensor

Welcome to Jaeggi Hybridtechnology Ltd., experts in hybrid recooling.

Here at Jaeggi, we specialise in the global manufacture and distribution of advanced recooling technology. One of our products is the HTV Hybrid High Performance Condensor.

This product is an extension of the successful HTK Hybrid Drycooler High Performance range, and it reflects our years of expertise in a multitude of applications within the cooling and air conditioning industry.

Some benefits of the HTV Hybrid High Performance Condensor include:

Premium quality
Economic and resource-friendly
High application flexibility 
Technology and market leader in hybrid dry cooling and condensing
Great system competence, plus many more benefits.

Some features of the HTV Hybrid High Performance Condensor include:

Good access to all relevant areas
Low noise emission
Very good thermal power regulation (continuous fan speed, separate wetting activation)
Low operating costs due to low electricity and water consumption
Dry operation at cool, wet outdoor conditions
Year-round plume-free operation
Year-round high EER of refrigerating machine
Gliding condensing temperature possible
Little space requirement/great power density
Low condensing temperature (reference value wet bulb temperature)
Good refrigeration cycle controllability
Hygienic operation with little maintenance, plus many more features.

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Trade Link: HTV Hybrid High Performance Condensor

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