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Jaeggi Hybridtechnology Ltd.
5 The Hollies
CV23 0DD
T: 01788 869 000
W: Jaeggi Hybridtechnology Ltd.

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Industrial Processes - Advanced Dry Cooler

Part no: Advanced Dry Cooler

Here at Jaeggi Hybridtechnology Ltd. we launched the Advanced Dry Cooler earlier this year.

It is a wetted pad type adiabatic cooler.

The Advanced Dry Cooler recools liquid media and is used in Recooling Refrigeration Units; it is also used in the following fields:
Industrial processes cooling
Recooling in air conditioning and refrigeration
Recooling of compressors

Features of the Advanced Dry Cooler include:
Dry cooling and evaporative cooling in one product
Run 100% dry for the majority of the year
Feature a wetted mode for peak conditions only
Has the advantage of conventional air-cooled dry coolers
Efficiency of wetted cooling in a single system

There are two modes: Primary Dry Mode and Secondary Wetted Mode. Both of these modes allow for very high recooling capacities while requiring little space and low operating costs.

There are numerous advantages of the Advanced Dry Cooler, some of which include:
Low operating costs
Low energy requirements
Low water consumption
Hygienic Operation
Once through water system
No water basin
Low noise
Integrated intelligent control
Low maintenance

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