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Jaeggi Hybridtechnology Ltd.
5 The Hollies
CV23 0DD
T: 01788 869 000
W: Jaeggi Hybridtechnology Ltd.

  • 1: Industrial Processes - Hybrid Dry Cooler
  • 2: Industrial Processes - Hybrid Dry Cooler
  • 3: Industrial Processes - Hybrid Dry Cooler
  • 4: Industrial Processes - Hybrid Dry Cooler

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Industrial Processes - Hybrid Dry Cooler

Part no: Hybrid Dry Cooler

Welcome to Jaeggi Hybridtechnology Ltd., experts in hybrid recooling.

Our Hybrid Dry Cooler recools liquid media and is used in Industrial Processes, it is also used in the following fields:

Recooling refrigeration units
Recooling in air conditioning and refrigeration
Recooling of compressors  

There are numerous advantages of the Hybrid Dry Cooler, some examples include:

Chemical free operation with L8 compliant softened water supply 
Low water consumption due to dry operation during lower ambient temperature conditions (80-90% less consumption than equivalent Cooling Tower)
Compact pre-assembled modular design, complete with intelligent controls
Optimised energy consumption at partial load conditions via inverter controlled fans
No visible vapour plume during all operating conditions
No emissions of water droplets or aerosols = legionella safe operation

Our Series of Hybrid Dry Coolers includes: HTK 1.2, HTK 1.8, HTK 2.4, and HTK 3.24.
In order to optimise the intended application of the Hybrid Dry Cooler the Jaeggi design software allows custom-design dimensioning and design. Optional Equipment is also available.

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Trade Link: Industrial Processes - Hybrid Dry Cooler

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