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Jaeggi Hybridtechnology Ltd.
5 The Hollies
CV23 0DD
T: 01788 869 000
W: Jaeggi Hybridtechnology Ltd.

  • 1: Water Efficient Hybrid Dry Condenser
  • 2: Water Efficient Hybrid Dry Condenser
  • 3: Water Efficient Hybrid Dry Condenser

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Water Efficient Hybrid Dry Condenser

Welcome to Jaeggi Hybridtechnology Ltd., experts in hybrid recooling.

Here at Jaeggi, we specialise in the manufacture and production of cooling systems. One of our products is the Hybrid Dry Condenser, which is water efficient and approved by the carbo trust.

The Water Efficient Hybrid Dry Conderser features the following accessories:

Protective mesh screen prevents large amounts of organic material from getting into the cooler

Integrated or separate upstream desuperheating cooler

Fan silencers minimise acoustic emissions of fans

Highly efficient EC fans controllable via GMM (Güntner Motor Management)

External water tank for feeding in wetting water

UV lamps in the wetting basin prevent biological growth

Fan extensions for connection to enclosure

Winter curtains prevent contamination of coolers that are periodically taken out of operation

For special installations, Jaeggi is able to carry out bespoke structural modifications according to the customer's requirements.

For more information, please click on the Trade Link.

Trade Link: Water Efficient Hybrid Dry Condenser

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