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A.M.P Rose
Somerby Way
Somerby Park
DN21 1QT
T: 01427 611969
F: 01427 616854
W: A.M.P Rose

Bar Forming Lines

Part no: Bar Forming Lines

Here at AMP Rose we specialise as machine builders, process and packaging solutions providers for the confectionery, chocolate and snack industries.
One of the products we offer our customers includes Bar Forming Lines. Our versatile equipment can work with an expansive range of products and can be configured with different types of slab formers/sheeters. It can work with soft and hard-boiled sugar materials, nuts and seed mixtures, aerated products and many more.
Key Features include:
Output options from 100kg/hr to 3000kg/hr
Width ranges from 300mm to 1000mm
A variety of slab bar forming roller options
A range of cooling tunnel length and width options
Waterbed cooling
Ultrasonic or rotating blade slitter options
Spreading units
Guillotine Machine
Additional options: chocolate enrobers, rope extruders, sprinklers, decorators and more.

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