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A.M.P Rose
Somerby Way
Somerby Park
DN21 1QT
T: 01427 611969
F: 01427 616854
W: A.M.P Rose

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VFFS Bagging Machines

Part no: VFFS Bagging Machines

Here at AMP Rose we specialise as machine builders, process and packaging solutions providers for the confectionery, chocolate and snack industries.
One of the products we offer our customers includes VFFS Bagging Machines. Our vertical form, feed and seal bagging machines are our answer to the increased demand for solutions to weight and packaging difficulties. Our Cyclone bagging machines can bag a huge range of products from confectionery to hardware and from liquids to powders.
Key Features include:
Output of up to 80 packs/minute
Flat bag size range – width: 60-400mm, length: 50-600mm
Hand built
High-quality components
Minimal maintenance and downtime
PLC and operator interface units

Trade Link: VFFS Bagging Machines

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