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ebm-papst UK Ltd
Chelmsford Business Park

T: 01245 468555
F: 01245 466336
W: Fan And Motor Distributer And Manufacturer.

EC Aura Portable Fan

Part no: EC Aura Portable Fan

Here at ebm-papst we specialise in manufacturing motors and fans. We create and distribute fans and motors with our team of 7,000 employees in Germany and throughout the world.

One of the products we offer our customers includes EC Aura Portable Fan.

This product can be used in a range of environments for example, in the gym, in the office or used to dry walls, flood damage and plaster.

Key Features include:

Low noise.
Strong Polyethylene moulding.
180 degree adjustable tilt angle.
Maintenance-free IP54 Motor.
Extrusion coated polypropylene impellor.
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Effortless positioning, due to heavy duty power-coated wheeled frame.
Infinitely variable speed control.
Supplied with standard UK 3-pin 230VAC or 110VAC plug.
Available in 230VAC & 110VAC 50/60Hz versions.

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