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Axair Fans UK Ltd
Lowfield Drive
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Motorised Impeller

Part no: Motorised Impeller

Reversed Backward Curved Centrifugal - Motorised Impeller Standard backward-curved motorised impellers must be installed with a radiussed inlet ring to obtain published performance (see our product section on backward -curved motorised impellers).The inlet ring must be sourced as an accessory, and the correct clearance from the impeller must be maintained in order to optimise air performance. Specification: MOTOR TYPE - External rotor motor, in the airstream FEATURES - Space saving short axial length. Low cost speed control FLOW RATE - 280m³/h range maximum The reversed backward curved motorised impeller is pre-assembled to its inlet ring. The impeller is reverse-mounted on the external rotor motor, drawing air through an inlet ring attached to the motor back-plate. The ring then functions as both radiussed inlet and a mounting facility for the complete unit. The fan is then immediately ready for assembling into equipment and for connection to the electrical supply. Finger guards are available for all models. There are 6 sizes of impeller available in the following diameters: 180 192 220 225 250 280 Click on our Trade Link for more information.

Trade Link: Motorised Impeller

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