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Coidan Graphite Products
Station Rd
Kirk Hammerton
YO26 8DQ
T: 01423 330492

  • 1: Vacuum Furnace HotZone Spares
  • 2: Vacuum Furnace HotZone Spares
  • 3: Vacuum Furnace HotZone Spares
  • 4: Vacuum Furnace HotZone Spares

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Vacuum Furnace HotZone Spares

Part no: Vacuum Furnace Hot Zone Spares

Here at Coidan Graphite Products we specialise in the manufacture and supply of Carbon and Graphite products. This includes products such as: Graphite furnace parts, graphite insulation or bespoke graphite machines components.

One of the products we offer our customers is Vacuum Furnace Hot Zone Spares.

We are proud to say that we here at Coidan Graphite Products, have been labelled one of Europe’s leading specialists in the supply of any type of vacuum furnace hot zone consumable parts. We do not only manufacture, but also supply all the graphite internals within the hot zone (elements, connectors, PLI’s, furnace bases and furnace furniture.)

Vacuum related products/services offered by Carbon Graphite Products:

Redesign Overhaul and Repair of any make of:
Vacuum Furnace
New and Reconditioned Vacuum Furnaces
Vacuum Heat Treatment and Brazing Furnaces
Vacuum Melting and Casting Furnaces
Vacuum Coating Furnaces
Spares Service
Leak Detection.

As well as all of this, we also have graphite and carbon insulation, carbon fibre composites, graphite foils, molybdenum hangers and ceramic insulators (to enable you to maintain the furnace yourself) in stock.

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Trade Link: Vacuum Furnace Hot Zone Spares

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