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Spirals and RTJs

Part no: Spirals and RTJs

Here at Direct Gaskets Limited, we are closing in on 30 years as market leaders in the manufacture of gaskets. Based in Hull, we have played a leading role within the city’s manufacturing industry. We are proud to boast an exceptional reputation for the supply of first class products. Our watch words include high-quality customer service and competitive pricing.
One of the products we offer our customers includes Spirals and RTJs. Consisting of a V-shaped metal insert, spirally wound up, in combination with a soft filler material – spiral wound gaskets are suitable for use across a wide range of applications.
Key Features include:

Solid metal inner & outer ring
Suitable for high pressure and temperature applications
Raised face or flat flanges
Prevents turbulence and erosion damage to flange
Prevents damage to the gasket bore and inner windings
Acts as a heat shield
Acts as a corrosion barrier
General and critical duties

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