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W: Global Machinery Manufacture

  • 1: ROBOSHOT Injection Moulding Machine
  • 2: ROBOSHOT Injection Moulding Machine
  • 3: ROBOSHOT Injection Moulding Machine
  • 4: ROBOSHOT Injection Moulding Machine

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ROBOSHOT Injection Moulding Machine

Here at FANUC we specialise in the manufacture of a range of high quality machinery for a variety of industries and applications.

One of the products we offer is our Roboshot Injection Moulding Machine. This machine takes state-of-the-art CNC precision technology from turning and milling, and applies it to electric injection moulding.

Key Features:

Extensive package of functions for the most common injection moulding applications
Injection speeds always remain constant
Ai mould protection function measures pressure on the mould and prevents clamp from closing
Uses 10-15% less energy than comparable electric machines and up to 70% less than comparable hydraulic
Fastest acceleration on the market
100% electric driven axes
Easy to operate

We offer all our customers personalised and flexible support, so call today to discuss your requirements.

For more information click on our Trade Link.

Trade Link: ROBOSHOT Injection Moulding Machine

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