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Dantex Ltd.
Danon House,
5 Kings Road,
West Yorkshire
T: 01274 777 777
F: 01274 777 755
W: Dantex Ltd.

Torelief Letterpress Photopolymer Plates

Part no: Torelief Letterpress

Torelief Letterpress Photopolymer Plates This is the latest range of Digital Letterpress Plates that complements the existing range of Torelief Letterpress Printing Plates. The Torelief DHX4 Analogue & Torelief Precision Digital plates can be used for all letterpress, semi-rotary and dry offset applications. Item Specification: Polyester Base Matt Cover Film Green in Colour Screen Range 200lpi-1% Isolated Dot 75 Microns Fine Line 10 Microns Water Brush Action Wash Out DueTorelief & Torelief Precision Ultra High Resolution plate materials have been specially developed to meet the growing demand from the industry for ever finer reproducibility. Using this new technology in the formulation of these materials it allows the user to obtain a sharp and accurate printed result. Click on our Trade Link for more information.

Trade Link: Torelief Letterpress Photopolymer Plates

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