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Baileigh Industrial Ltd
Unit D Swift Point
Swift Valley Industrial Estate
CV21 1QH
T: 024 76619267
F: 024 7661 9276
W: Baileigh Industrial Ltd

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Cutting Edge Coldsaws

Here at Baileigh Industrial Ltd we specialise in the manufacture of metal and woodworking equipment from large-scale commercial fabrication shops to passionate hobbyists.

We have a broad selection of coldsaws with a range of configurations: 

Configurations of cold saws include:

Manual coldsaws - blade diameters ranging from 9” to 14”, cut straight, or miter up to 45 degree angles in one direction and up to 90 degrees in the opposite direction

Semi-automatic coldsaws - blades ranging from 10.5” to 16.5”, 75mm- 125mm round capacity

Automatic coldsaws – simple to use by adjusting cut length and number of pieces to be cut

Blade sharpener – allows users to sharpen blades efficiently and economically


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Trade Link: Cutting Edge Coldsaws

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