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Alpha Converting
16 Edison Road

MK41 0HU
T: 01234 607005
W: Alpha Converting

  • 1: Alphatrim TWM Trim Winders
  • 2: Alphatrim TWM Trim Winders
  • 3: Alphatrim TWM Trim Winders
  • 4: Alphatrim TWM Trim Winders

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Alphatrim TWM Trim Winders

Part no: Alphatrim TWM Trim Winders

Here at Alpha Converting, we specialise in manufacturing slitting, winding and spooling machinery to the international converting industry.
One of the products we offer our customers includes our Alphatrim TWM Trim Winders. Our compact, state of the art machines are designed to be high speed yet efficient. We offer a range of trim winders, including stand-alone units and pneumatic options.
Key Standard Features include:
Fully electronic controlled traversing
Trapezoidal (Pineapple) winding profile
Cantilevered winding shaft
Closed loop speed control
Traverse winding
Variable traversing rate
Quality engineered and manufactured in UK
Optional Features:
Winding of 2 trims on one winder
Rewind cheek plates (flanges) for slippery films
Pull roll for constant pull during roll change
Coreless winding to minimise waste
Low tack roll coverings for exposed adhesives

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