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Fortress Technology
7 Beaumont Road

OX16 1RH
T: 01295 256266
F: 01295 255987
W: Fortress Technology

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Interceptor Metal Detector

Part no: Interceptor Metal Detector

Here at Fortress Technology, we specialise in high quality and highly sensitive metal detection equipment. We believe in three standards: simple operation, outstanding reliability and exceptional performance.
One of the products we offer our customers includes The Interceptor Metal Detector. Interceptor metal detectors are custom manufactured to achieve superior results in challenging applications. It has capabilities of up to 100% with stainless steel, especially when inspecting traditionally difficult “wet” products. Applications include bakery, meats, dairy, prepared meals, packaged products, confectionery and fresh foods.
Key Features include:
Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Operation
Broad Spectrum Frequency Transmission
ARM Processors: Multiple Channel Signal Processing
100% Detection Sensitivity Increase
Noise Immunity Structure
Single Pass Product “Learn”
Automatic Product Tracking
Contact Reporter Software Included

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