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C Perkin Ltd
T: 01924 439449
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W: Winding, Cutting & Labelling Machinery

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Tube Winders

Here at Perkin Ltd we specialise in Spiral Paper Tube Winding, Cutting and Labelling.

One of the products ranges we offer is Winders.

Our range of Winder machinery offer a quick solution to tube winding & include:

Single Opposed Knife High Speed Core Winder
Multi Flying Knife Machine
Servo Knife Unit
SW Spiral Winders
Key Features of our Single Opposed Knife High Speed Core Winder include:

High speed production of small diameter cardboard tubes
Constant winding belt tension via air cylinders
Safety-release system  
Variable speed ac motor with conveniently placed controls
Mandrel clamps are quick action, throw-over type
Ply guides & inside ply lubrication provided

For more information, or to view our YouTube video on our Winder machinery, please visit our website.

Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Tube Winders

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