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Fortress Technology
7 Beaumont Road

OX16 1RH
T: 01295 256266
F: 01295 255987
W: Fortress Technology

Vector Conveyor Systems

Part no: Vector Conveyor Systems

Here at Fortress Technology, we specialise in high quality and highly sensitive metal detection equipment. We believe in three standards: simple operation, outstanding reliability and exceptional performance.
One of the products we offer our customers includes Vector Conveyor Systems. Vector Conveyor Systems have been developed to optimize the performance of Fortress Metal detectors. Custom built to suit the detector and the application; Vector Conveyors are manufactured from Stainless Steel and are suitable for harsh wash-down environments. Choose from a variety of reject systems, belt sizes, belt configurations and sensors to maximize detector accuracy.
Key Features include:
Optimize Metal Detector Performance
Detector Sync
Multiple Reject Options (or Custom)
Variable Speed
Manufactured to Suit Application
Hygienic Conveyor Belt
Shaft Encoder Available
Side Transfer Compatible
Incline or Decline Available
Ceiling Suspended Capability

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