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Vapor-Tek Ltd
Fairclough Street

T: 01204 521 795
F: 01204 364 576
W: Vapor-Tek Ltd


Part no: Aquatest

Ordinarily, many water-filled systems – think Wet Risers,  Fire-Fighting and Sprinkler Sytems, Industrial Radiators are filled with untreated water which can lead to internal corrosion.

Left without attention, this corrosion can accumulate and eventually block pumps, causing failure or worse still, compromise the structural strength of the pipework, causing catastrophic failure.​

Treat your system with a 0.5% solution of AQUATEST and the water within the system will become totally non-corrosive

Many water-filled systems – think Wet Risers,  Fire-Fighting and Sprinkler Sytems, Industrial Radiators are filled with untreated

Vapor-Tek Aquatest contains no solvents and being totally non-flammable, containing no VOCs as well as having a near-neutral PH, Aquatest is both powerful and gentle at the same time.

Often used in internal testing, Aquatest residue left in your system will have rendered test water non-corrosive and at recommended concentrations can be either recycled or discharged into sewers.​

Aquatest is generally supplied in concentrated form and contains no nitrates or other toxic chemicals

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