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CAMB Machine Knives
Unit 6, The Alpha Centre
Armstrong Way, Yate
BS37 5NG
T: 01454 322178
F: 01454 321172
W: Industrial Knives

BRA T Paper Drills

A new addition to our product range, but one that is proving very popular, our new range of Paper Drills, for use in the Paper / Board industries.

Every drill in our range is available in 5 different options:-
1. BRA T - Standard Heat Treated Drill Bit
2. BRA T.C T - Tungsten Carbide Coated
3. BRACOAT T - Strong Heat Resistant Fluorocarbon (Teflon) coating.
4. BRAKOMBI T - A combination of T.C & BRACOAT coatings
5. BRA H.M.T T - Hard Metal Tipped cutting Edge, Hardness up to 82 HRC

Please call our team to discuss your needs.

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Trade Link: BRA T Paper Drills

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