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User-friendliness was top priority when the Bed Control App had an upgrade – both in terms of design and in terms of functionalities. The new design is user-friendly, light, and simplified in a way were the functionalities are highlighted. Not only does the app automatically recognise the product to which it is connected, it is also easier to store and locate memorised positions in the app. As if that was not enough, the app initiates by presenting an easy guide of how to pair the product with your phone. 

Intelligent app – you only need one 
The Bed Control App is now intelligent. This means that the app automatically recognises the features of the product to which it is connected. What is more, the graphics in the app will align with the relevant product. Take for instance memory positions: If you connect to a TD4 Standard, the app will show the standard back and leg adjustment, whereas it will also display four memory positions if you connect it to a TD4 Advanced

This is also why we only need one app now. In the past, your customer had to locate the right app, choosing between an app with memory and an app without, but now one app is all they need.  
Intelligent app – you only need one 

Onboarding flow
As a new feature the app will initiate by showing the user an onboarding flow of how to initiate pairing mode in the product so you can pair it with a phone. Following a few steps on the screen allows the user to easily pair the phone and product and then adjust the bed to the degree that the product allows. 

What do I have to do? 
Do not worry. The next time your customers update their Bed Control Memory App they will automatically get the updated version of the app. Other than updating the app, your customers do not have to do anything actively. 

Bed Control App functionalities
  • Adjustment of back and leg
  • Simultaneous drive
  • 4 memory positions - if supported by the product
  • Turn Under Bed Light on/off
  • 7 languages (English, Danish, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian)
  • Compatible with the Bluetooth® Adapter and the TWINDRIVE™ TD4
Do you want to try the Bed Control App? Download it for both iOS and Android.

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