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3a Manufacturing Ltd.
21 Cobham Road
Ferndown Industrial Estate
BH21 7PE
T: 01202 873559
F: 01202 895653
W: 3a Manufacturing Ltd.

Bubble Wrap Bags

Part no: Bubble Wrap Bags

Here at 3a Manufacturing Ltd. we specialise in the manufacture and supply of packing supplies including bubble wrap and foam bags.

One of the ranges of products we offer is Bubble Bags.

This range is used to protect your goods when in transit or delivery. We have a huge range of sizes and we can also offer bespoke sizes to suit your needs.

Products in this range include:
BB000     65 x 65mm + self seal lip
BB00      70 x 90mm + self seal lip
BB00XL   70 x 135mm + self seal lip
BB0        90 x 105mm + self seal lip
BB1        100 x 135mm + self seal lip
BB2        130 x 185mm + self seal lip
BB3        180 x 235mm + self seal lip
BB4        230 x 285mm + self seal lip
BB5        280 x 360mm + self seal lip
BB6        305 x 435mm + self seal lip
BB360     360 x 360mm + self seal lip
BB7        380 x 435mm + self seal lip
BB8        460 x 585mm + self seal lip

Please call our team to discuss your needs.

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