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Habia Cable Limited
10 Short Way
Thornbury Industrial Estate, Thornbury
BS35 3UT
T: 01454 412 522
F: 01454 416 121
W: Custom Design Cables and Cable Harness Assembly

RF Cables for Armoured Fighting Vehicles

Date: 08/05/2013

By: Web Author

Speedfoam HT Connector Update RF Cables for Armoured Fighting Vehicles - now part of the Habia LandGuard defence cables range Current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have shown that even the most sophisticated armoured vehicles are vulnerable to Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). These roadside bombs are often assembled using ‘off the shelf' electronic components and can be remotely detonated by a range of easily obtained devices. Defending against these devices has stimulated development of a wide range of systems intended to detect, disrupt or detonate them. To read more, Click on our Trade Link below.

Trade Link: RF Cables for Armoured Fighting Vehicles

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