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Challenge (Europe) Ltd.
Shuttleworth Road

MK41 0EP
T: 01234 346242
F: 01234 327349
W: Challenge (Europe) Ltd.

Dubo Toothed Collar Rings

Here at Challenge (Europe) Ltd we specialise in the manufacture of nuts, bolts, screws and washers and custom fastening solutions.

One of the newer products we offer our customers includes the Dubo Toothed Collar Rings.

Advantages of the Dubo Toothed Collar Rings include:

Take up any desired bolt pressure, such as for bolts 8.8 and 10.9 and lock these bolts against loosening
Converts any nut into a locking it can be re-used many times
Locking material lies under the nut: thus damping, tightening, locking at constant bolt pressure
High friction coefficient due to the combination of steel dents and DUBO-retaining ring
Nylon DUBO-retaining ring can be used now with higher temperatures (180°C)
Metallic contact (electrical purposes) is obtained in cases where it is required
Excellent lockwasher for tap-bolts


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