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Condensate Recovery Units

Here at Amarinth we specialise in manufacturer of pumps for general industrial, chemical and petrochemical applications.

One of the product ranges we offer our customers includes our Condensate Recovery Units.

Our Condensate Recovery Units perform a critical role in the overall system recovering condensate, ensuring that the maximum latent energy is retained.

Within this range we have:

CI-NERGY – Intelligent Condensate Recovery Units
SERIES III - Condensate Recovery Units
M SERIES - Condensate Recovery Units
Bespoke packages & skids
Key features of our Ci-Nergy Intelligent Condensate Recovery Units include:
Stainless steel tanks
Heavy duty construction, modular design with integral intelligent control unit
Advanced computer techniques including 3D modelling, FEA & CFD
Design pressure rating vented operation
Temperature rating 120°C (standard construction)
Operating temperature Up to 98°C
Flow rate Up to 35,000kg/h
Differential head Up to 35m
Variable Speed
Control gear Electronic pressure sensors linked to an intelligent PLC
Simplex unit Configuration
20 years (2 years uninterrupted operation)
For more information on our System 1000 Seal Support System please visit our website or contact a member of our sales team.

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