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Alpha Springs Ltd
Unit 3, Firs Park
Watermill Industrial Estate, Aspenden Road
T: 01763 274909
F: (01763) 274910

  • 1: Tension Springs Made to Order
  • 2: Tension Springs Made to Order

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Tension Springs Made to Order

Part no: Tension Springs

Alpha Springs Ltd supply both the wholesale and retail trade with coil suspension springs for all types and makes of vehicles.

One of the ranges of products offered is tension springs. Alpha Springs tension springs are made to order from a wide range of materials in stock. Offering a wide range of tension springs, they custom make springs to suit client’s requirements. Capable of working from drawings or sample products their experienced engineers work with wire sizes from 0.1mm to 19.05mm.

In order to efficiently order tension springs the following information is required:

Length, overall (O/A) pull to pull (P/P) or body length (B/L), if essential.
Load in lbf (kgf) at loaded length of: O/A, P/P or B/L.
Diameter, maximum outside (O/D) minimum inside (I/D) mean diameter (M/D).
Right hand or left hand wound, if essential.
Type of ends.
Material and finish.
Tolerances and special working conditions.

Parallel Barrel or Conical springs may be ordered to dimensional requirements when the following detail is available:

Free Length (F/L)
Diameter, maximum outside (O/D) minimum inside (I/D) or mean diameter (M/D)
Wire size (d) and section
Number of coils, working or total or pitch.
Right hand of left hand wound, if essential
Type of ends
Material and finish
Tolerances and special working conditions

Please call our team to discuss your needs.

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Trade Link: Tension Springs

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