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Kent Stainless Ltd
County Wexford

T: 0800 3768377
W: Stainless Drainage Fabricator

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Stainless Steel Drainage

Here at Kent Stainless we specialise in the fabrication of stainless drainage & custom fabrication projects.

One of the product ranges we offer our customers includes Stainless Steel Drainage.

We have a wide range of Stainless Steel Drainage products for numerous applications.

Our Stainless Steel Drainage range includes:

Internal Gullies
Internal Channels
External Channels
External Gullies
Internal Gullies we stock include:
Economy Mini-Gullies
Light Duty Gullies
Commercial Gullies
Industrial Gullies with Bottom Outlets
Industrial Gullies with Side Outlets
Rodding Eyes
Sealed Industrial Gullies
Please visit our website to view our range in full & for detailed product descriptions.

We also have downloadable brochures on our products for further information.

Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Stainless Steel Drainage

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