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BGB Innovation
Dysart Road

NG31 7NB
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Pisces 1000

Part no: Pisces 1000

Aquabeam Aquaculture: Pisces 1000 Cage lighting for photoperiod manipulation. Pisces 1000 is a submersible, pendant, fish cage illuminator, the design of which is based upon Pisces 400 which has an outstanding record of reliability, season after season. The luminaire embodies a 1000 watt, metal halide lamp. It is self contained, streamlined and corrosion proof. Pisces is designed for vertical suspension, with a lifting eye built into the housing. The power feed cable presents a polyurethane jacket for protection against corrosion and abrasion by fish stock. The cable interfaces with the luminaire body at a diving industry proven connector assembly, allowing replacement of the cable in the event of damage. Topside termination of the power cable is generally at a Cee type I.P.67 connector.

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