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Advanced Marine Innovation Technology Subsea Ltd.
Unit 9, Gosport Business Centre
Frater Gate, Aerodrome Road
PO13 0FQ
T: 01329 848 670
F: 01329 848 672
W: Underwater Engineering Innovation & Development.

Flushing Pumps Underwater Engineering

Part no: Flushing Pumps Underwater

Here at AMITS we have developed a range of specialist products tailored for the marine and underwater engineering industries, one of our products includes Flushing Pumps for Underwater Drilling Rigs. All our products can be specifically optimised to meet your individual application needs. The high performance range of RZ05-U Flushing Pumps are hydraulically powered single stage units optimised for operation in deep water. In order to optimise water flow to the drill bit, this unit can be readily controlled. As well as drilling and coring applications, these pumps are also suitable for use with other underwater engineering systems. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Flushing Pumps Underwater Engineering

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