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Advanced Marine Innovation Technology Subsea Ltd.
Unit 9, Gosport Business Centre
Frater Gate, Aerodrome Road
PO13 0FQ
T: 01329 848 670
F: 01329 848 672
W: Underwater Engineering Innovation & Development.

  • 1: Riser & J Tube Plugs
  • 2: Riser & J Tube Plugs
  • 3: Riser & J Tube Plugs
  • 4: Riser & J Tube Plugs

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Riser & J Tube Plugs

Part no: Riser & J Tube Plugs

Here at AMITS we have developed a range of specialist products tailored for the marine and underwater engineering industries, one of our products includes Riser & J Tube Plugs, which have been designed to be inserted and set by ROV. These plugs provide the practical solution to underwater engineering requirements for long term temporary riser and J tube sealing requirements. All our products can be specifically optimised to meet your individual application needs. Features include: Near neutrally buoyant in seawater Available in a wide range of diameters from 30 – 1200mm For flanged and bellmouth risers and J tubes variants can be made Seawater resistant materials Contact us to discuss your individual requirements. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Riser & J Tube Plugs

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