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Advanced Marine Innovation Technology Subsea Ltd.
Unit 9, Gosport Business Centre
Frater Gate, Aerodrome Road
PO13 0FQ
T: 01329 848 670
F: 01329 848 672
W: Underwater Engineering Innovation & Development.

  • 1: Sub Sea Pressure Housings
  • 2: Sub Sea Pressure Housings

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Sub Sea Pressure Housings

Part no: Sub Sea Pressure Housings

Here at AMITS we have developed a range of specialist products tailored for the marine and underwater engineering industries, one of our products includes our Sub Sea Pressure Housings. All our products can be specifically optimised to meet your individual underwater engineering application needs. The materials we have used to design and produce our subsea housings include: Metals Engineering plastics Composites We are also in the process of designing a range of new lightweight deepwater housings using some of the most advanced metal matrix composite materials available today. Our underwater engineering pressure vessel expertise also extends to: Manned submersible hulls Diving bells Deck decompression chambers We are also working on subsea pressure housing designs for operation at full ocean depth. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Sub Sea Pressure Housings

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