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Telford Crescent
Speedwell Industrial Estate, Staveley
S43 3PF
T: 01246 474242
W: BeaconMedaes

BeaconMedaes Profile

BeaconMedaes is the world's leading supplier of medical gas equipment.

This includes:

Medical air plants
Medical vacuum plants
WAGD plants
Manifolds and pipeline components to NFPA 99 standards and HTM 02-01 / ISO standards.

Medical gas service and support is central to everything we offer our customers, and we maintain the world's largest service force dedicated exclusively to medical gas.

Here at BeaconMedaes we are involved with the whole process for our Piped Medical Gas Distribution Systems, this includes:

and Installation

We are proud to play a vital role in hospitals on all five continents in sustaining patients when they are at their most vulnerable.

We offer a wide product range, and some of our products include:

Beam Systems
Hospital Luminaires
Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems
Environ Bedhead Trunking
Pureline Medical Gas Hoses
Medical Gas Line Ball Valves
And many more.

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