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Diagenics Ltd
South House 3
Bond Avenue
Milton Keynes
T: 01908 376376
F: 01908 376375
W: Diagenics Ltd

  • 1: Allergopharma Skin Prick Testing
  • 2: Allergopharma Skin Prick Testing
  • 3: Allergopharma Skin Prick Testing
  • 4: Allergopharma Skin Prick Testing

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Allergopharma Skin Prick Testing

Part no: Allergopharma Skin Prick Testi

Since 1994, Diagenics Ltd has specialised in the distribution of a range of diagnostics tests for allergy, immunology and endocrinology. In addition, we provide allergy testing for both Type 1 (immediate) and Type 4 (delayed) hypersensitiveness as well as immunotherapy treatments for immediate hypersensitivity. As well as distribution, we also offer outstanding technical support.
One of the products we offer our customers includes Allergopharma Skin Prick Testing. Diagenics offers a wide range of solutions for the diagnosis of Immediate Hypersensitivity (Type 1 allergy).
Key Features include:
Solutions of grass, tree and weed pollens, animal epithelia, moulds, mites and foods are supplied in 3ml vials.
Patient leaflets and other support material is available. 
Training in skin prick testing techniques is given to customers.

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