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Medipoint Alarm Panels

Part no: Medipoint Alarm Panels

Here at BeaconMedæs we offer two Medical Gas Area Alarm Systems, the Medipoint 26 Medical Gas Area Alarm System and the Medipoint 125 Medical Gas Central Alarm System. The features of each are as follows: The Medipoint 26 Medical Gas Area Alarm System Designed to monitor up to six medical gas services in the Normal, High and Low pressure conditions Used to provide a warning of abnormal operating pressure downstream of departmental area valve service units The Medipoint 125 Medical Gas Central Alarm System Designed to provide full monitoring of the complete medical gas system installation An individual Medipoint 125 alarm panel displays up to 5 gas sources in the ‘Normal' and 4 ‘stage' alarm conditions May be used to display up to 20 individual point alarms These systems offer a wide range of benefits, some of which include: Helps minimise cross infection Alerts multiple hospital staff in different areas of alarm conditions Enables any firmware updates to be applied without disruption A simple flick of switch activates additional gas services. No expensive costs for additional hardware Prevents un-authorised access to the alarm panel Enables reduced volume levels in patient sensitive areas Increased user friendliness Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Medipoint Alarm Panels

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