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Telford Crescent
Speedwell Industrial Estate, Staveley
S43 3PF
T: 01246 474242
W: BeaconMedaes

Pureline Medical Gas Hoses

Part no: Pureline Medical Gas Hoses

Here at BeaconMedæs, our Pureline Hose assemblies are manufactured using the latest phthalate free hoses, fulfilling all the current requirements for medical gas hoses. These Medical Gas Hoses offer a whole host of benefits, some of which include: Prevents patient exposure to any potentially harmful phthalate vapours Suitable for any pendant application Reliability assured using the World's most trusted medical gas outlet Minimises pressure drop with a 63% increased bore size over conventional designs Provide an easy and assured connection to the gas service kit and outlet NIST connection eliminating leaks Available for all medical gas services (including carbon dioxide and nitrogen) Our hose assemblies can be manufactured to any length that you require. Additionally if we don't have a design that suits your application, we are more than happy to discuss your specific requirements. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Pureline Medical Gas Hoses

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