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Telford Crescent
Speedwell Industrial Estate, Staveley
S43 3PF
T: 01246 474242
W: BeaconMedaes

Rigid and Retractable Pendants

Part no: Rigid and Retractable Pendants

Here at BeaconMedæs our rigid and retractable pendants are principally designed for use in operating theatres and anaesthetic rooms. They are connected to fixed medical gas pipeline and electrical installations from ceiling level to BeaconMedæs Gem 10, DiamondCare or European terminal units and electrical sockets. Our Rigid & Retractable Pendants provide a wide range of benefits, some of which include: Manufactured to suit the site specific ceiling height, to ensure optimised positioning of services and head clearance An optimised solution, including 300mm retraction which enables unhindered access and movement around the operating theatre High quality finish and easy to clean Enhances the patient environment Ensured quality and speed of installation on site The World's most reliable terminal unit, now with anti-microbial additive to help minimise cross infection Additional features can also be provided if required, some examples include: Stainless steel IV hooks Cat 5e data connections Medical rails Blue IPS electrical sockets 32A sockets for lasers Special length pendants Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Rigid and Retractable Pendants

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