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Telford Crescent
Speedwell Industrial Estate, Staveley
S43 3PF
T: 01246 474242
W: BeaconMedaes

  • 1: ZSU2 Zone Service Units
  • 2: ZSU2 Zone Service Units

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ZSU2 Zone Service Units

Part no: ZSU2 Zone Service Units

Here at BeaconMedæs, our Zone Service Unit (ZSU2) provides you with more functionality than ever before. This unit offers a wide range of benefits, some of which include: Seamlessly blends with modern hospital environments An intuitive method of reliable and safe emergency access Easy access and are installed without hot-works or pipe fittings Aluminium 1st fix enclosure provides lightest possible construction Oversized bore provides lower pressure drop over conventional 22mm valve for high gas flow areas ZSU2 access alarm for critical gases like oxygen and medical air for life support applications, which indicates unauthorised access to valves 100% corrosion proof design Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: ZSU2 Zone Service Units

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