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Litre Meter Limited
Granborough Road
North Marston
MK18 3RZ
T: 01296 670200
F: 01296 670999
W: Mass, Water and Chemical Injection Flowmeters


VFF FilterPro Filter

flow assurance filter has been developed to the same high standards as
the successful VFF flow meter range. By using the same material, inspection
and standards requirements it is ready for your chemical injection project.
The filter has been designed to match and protect flow meters in their
designed environment to achieve their optimum level of performance.
VFF meters have a strict filtration requirement of 40 microns for the smallest
range (LF03 & LF05) and 100 microns for the larger. 96% of low flow meter
failures are due to contamination and almost all issues occur during factory
testing, or within the first 6 months of service. Three key filter sizes are
therefore offered to maximise the efficiency of any chosen meter. The range
of 10, 30 and 100 microns filtration is achieved by a 4 layer wire woven mesh
engineered in a compact design. The woven mesh is a proven surface
filtration principle which removes particulate by trapping it between the 4
The filter can withstand a pressure drop of 60 bar with a burst pressure drop
of 150 bar. The pressure drops for each mesh size can be seen in the tables
below. A range of material is offered from 316 to exotic materials such as
Super Duplex, titanium or Hastelloy.


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