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Clarke Energy
Power House, Senator Point
South Boundary Road, Knowsley Industrial Park
L33 7RR
T: 0151 546 4446
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W: Specialists in Engine-Based Power Plants

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Jenbacher Gas Engines

Here at Clarke Energy, we are a multinational company specialising in the engineering, installation and maintenance of engine-based power plants, including both gas and diesel fuelled technology.

One of the ranges of products we offer is Jenbacher Gas Engines. These engines are renowned for their robustness, particularly in challenging conditions, and are designed to run solely on different types of gas.

Jenbacher has pioneered gas engine innovation over the last 50 years. Their machines are manufactured in Jenbach, Austria.

Products in this range include:

GE’s Jenbacher Type-2 Engine (249-330kWe)
GE’s Jenbacher Type-3 Engine (499-1,063kWe)
GE’s Jenbacher Type-4 Engine (844-1489kWe)
GE’s Jenbacher Type-6 Engine (1,600-4,400kWe)
GE’s Jenbacher Type-9 Engine (9,500kWe)

Jenbacher machines have the highest level of generator efficiency and reliability on the market, and the engine variants are suitable for a wide range of applications such as natural gas, biogas and associated petroleum gas.

To discover what Clarke Energy can offer you, visit our website our call a member of our fantastic team today.

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