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Caldo Consultants
1 Worcester Court
Saxon Business Park
B60 4FH
T: 01527 579000
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F: 01527 579036

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Hot Gas Filter Components

Part no: Hot Gas Filter Components

Ceramic Filter Components from Caldo Ceramic Filter Elements Caldo hot gas ceramic filter elements are made to the industry standard design: 1000mm long x 60mm o.d. x 40mm i.d. with an 80mm o.d. flange, 20mm deep. They are made from alumino-silicate fibres and a silica binder. The data sheet DS002, Ceramic Filter Elements, can be downloaded from the literature page for more information. Caldo hot gas ceramic elements are packed in boxes of 18. The ceramic elements are susceptible to damage in transit and this packaging has proved the best protection for the elements in many years of experience. The price for standard elements in complete boxes is: Elements in full boxes of 18 elements £31.40 / €39.25 per element Caldo is also able to offer shorter ceramic filter elements. These are 500mm long, compared with the 1000mm length of the standard elements. These elements travel better than the longer ones and are therefore available in smaller quantities. Please contact us at for prices for non-standard elements and quantities. Ceramic Fibre Gaskets Ceramic fibre gaskets are used to provide a seal between the underside of the flange of the ceramic filter elements and the header plate. The arrangement is shown in detail in the data sheet DS003, Installation of Ceramic Filter Elements. The gasket used is 80mm o.d. x 63mm 10mm thick ceramic fibre paper and is called the element gasket. The price for these gaskets is: Element gaskets £0.75 / €0.95 each A previous installation method used two gaskets, the other being a header plate gasket. These are still available: Header plate gaskets £0.95 / €1.20 each Spacer Rings Spacer rings can be used to prevent crushing of the flange of the ceramic filter element caused by over-tightening of the clamp plate bolts as shown in the data sheet DS003. These rings are available in mild carbon steel or in type 304 stainless steel: Mild carbon steel spacer rings £2.50 / €3.15 each Stainless steel spacer rings £3.75 / €4.75 each Other Items We can supply other items such as: Reverse pulse valves and components, including seals Solids collection drums Discharge drum flexible connectors and seals Compressed air valves and fittings Fans Ductwork Contact us for prices and availability. Packing All prices quoted include packing. Carriage Carriage is by first class post or TNT Nextday, unless otherwise agreed.

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