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Caldo Consultants
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Specialised Incinerators

Part no: Specialised Incinerators

Collaboration with EODS

One of the first pollution control systems that Caldo supplied was for the removal of particulates and acid gases from waste gas produced by the incineration of ammunition at the MoD site at Shoeburyness. It was clear at that time that the incineration end of the process was quite basic, with potential to improve portability, reducing both capital and running costs.

EODS, a UK company engaged in the destruction of weapons and ammunition, also identified the opportunity and teamed with Caldo, in an exclusive agreement, to apply 21st century technology to the destruction of small arms ammunition (SAA).

The result has been the TRADS (Transportable Ammunition Destruction System) range of SAA incinerators. A novel approach to incinerator design has been coupled with Caldo pollution control technology to produce two models, a full-size version and a smaller batch unit, mini-TRADS.


TRADS Ammunition Incinerators

The first full-size TRADS was TRADS-01. It uses a rotary incinerator for continuous burning of SAA and can process up to 1 tonne/hr. The first example was supplied via UNDP is still installed at Doboj in Northern Bosnia. The second went to Southern Albania and was brought back to the UK when work finished there. After a service it went to Camp Bastion in Afghanistan, where it is currently fulfilling a UK MoD contract. The video shows TRADS-02 in operation.

The latest addition to the range is the mini-TRADS which is 20ft long and a batch unit. A typical batch is 1 tonne of SAA and 1 batch/day is a comfortable throughput. The first of these is at Camp Leatherneck, processing SAA on behalf of the US DoD.

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