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Clarke Energy
Power House, Senator Point
South Boundary Road, Knowsley Industrial Park
L33 7RR
T: 0151 546 4446
F: 0151 546 4447
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W: Specialists in Engine-Based Power Plants

  • 1: Data Centre Natural Gas CHP Installation
  • 2: Data Centre Natural Gas CHP Installation
  • 3: Data Centre Natural Gas CHP Installation

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Data Centre Natural Gas CHP Installation

Here at Clarke Energy, we are a multinational company specialising in the engineering, installation and maintenance of engine-based power plants, including both gas and diesel fuelled technology.

One of the products we offer is Data Centre Natural Gas CHP Installation. Data centres are able to benefit greatly from CHP, as they can obtain multiple energy types from the same facility.

Trigeneration refers to the use of absorption chillers to convert heat into cooling; this can be utilised to support the cooling of data centre loads.

As high-electricity consumers, data centres can have high running costs. CHP installation can help data centres save money on energy and increase their energy efficiency.

Benefits of CHP installation for data centres:

Resilient and robust power – No reliance on the grid alone to ensure your facility has power 24/7

Environmentally friendlier - Less fuel burned per MW generated at lower CO2 emissions

Energy Cost Savings - Overall efficiencies (electrical and heat) of up to 95 percent using a wide fuel range

DLE technology can sustain lower emission levels and eliminate system water requirements

Standardised design - Smaller footprint, scalable to your spatial requirements

Flexible power - Thermal energy can be stored, electricity can be fed into the grid or used for artificial lighting, and an optional full island lighting control system is available

To discover what Clarke Energy can offer you, visit our website our call a member of our fantastic team today.

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